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jaipur state flag pachranga itihaass

The Flag And The National Emblem of Jaipur State.

jaipur state flag itihaass
Jaipur State Flag on Royal Elephant

Every nation ever recorded in the history, has its unique importance. The flags and emblems were not only the representations of the nations, but also the centres, around which the patriotism and love for the land revolved.


Jaipur’s Chandramahal still hoists the five coloured flag which was the mark of national identity till 1949. The Maharaja of Jaipur are Kachwaha Kshatriya, and believe themselves to be the successors of Kush, the son of lord Rama.

jaipur state flag pachranga itihaass
Pachranga Flag of Jaipur State

According to the Ramayana, the flag of Ayodhya had the tree of Kachnar printed over it. The famous Sanskrit poet  Bhavbhooti, in his play, “Uttar Ramcharit”, called the flag as “Kachnar Dhwaj”. Bhavbhooti, was the resident of Padmavati, a place close to Narwar. The Kachhawas who resided in Narwar, inscribed a “shrub” on their flag when they moved to Dhoondad to lay the foundation of their new empire. The currency also had the “shrub” on it. Rupees of Jaipur were thence called “jhaadshahi”.

Mirza Raja Man singh of jaipur itihaass
Mirza Raja Man Singh of Jaipur

During the times of Akbar, Kabul was attacked by Shah of Turaan. From the other side the Raja from Amber,  Mansingh was deployed. To counter his might,  5 Ameer Pathans foem northern Iran joined. As the strategies unfolded, Thakur Manohardas from Chomu was sent to Sasenya to batlle the five, while Mansingh himself took Shah. Both returned victorious. Thakur Manohardas took away the flags of the five  Ameer Pathans and presented it to his king. He suggested that those flags be merged and be made into a single flag and be declared as the flag of Amber. The flag not only intend to remind of the braves of the battles but also be as symbolic as the shrub was to Ayodhya. The logics deepened when it was said that though the light of the sun is a blend of the seven from the spectrum, the rainbow only seems to  possess five. The five colours were also associated to the five faces of Gayatri, who was the strength of lord Brahma.

mughal emperor akbar
Mughal Emperor Akbar The Great

Mansingh accepted the 5 colored flag for Amber and Jaipur, but the currency continued to contain “Kachnar”.


Mansingh, also was instrumental in deciding the sequence of the colours on the flag. The violet and black were discarded and the flag contained red, white, yellow, green and blue.


This flag hoisted the victory till the tine Rajasthan was formed, and beyond.

jaipur royal family and state logo
Jaipur State Logo

The signature saying of Jaipur province was “Yato Dharmastato Jaya”, which was inscribed on the national symbol. Maharaja Mansingh II (1922-1949), altered this in his times of reign.


Maharaja Madhosingh (1880-1922), engraved Radha-Gopalji on the national symbol. Maharaja Mansingh changed this to Sun and a warrior’s head gear. Also, it had a lion at one and horse on the other side to exhibit the valour and politics. Beneath it was written -“Yato Dharmastato Jaya”.


The “Chanwal” and the “Morchal” were also of royal significance besides the symbol.


“Khawasi”, was usually seen held by the loyals that stood behind the king and the queen.


“Huma Ka Pankh”, was an essential for every royal festivity and occasion like Rajtilak and anniversaries. The “Huma” was believed to be the “Bird of the paradise”. It was found chiefly on the eastern islands. The Iranians and the Mughals believed that sitting or standing under the “Huma Ka Pankh” was auspicious and brings prosperity to the king and the nation. The tradition to keep it came from the Mughals.


For the kings of Jaipur, having “Mahi-Maratib” in their symbols was a thing of great pride as it was the mark of special respect and a token of appreciation by the Mughal emperor. The Mahi Maratib and “Dhaunsa” ( a “Nakkara” played on the back of the horse with one stick only) were the vitals of any and every royal convoy.

The royals and the civic, both collectively held up the prestige and honour of the flag and the emblem.

jaipur royal family flag itihaass

By Reshu Sharma


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