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Struggle of Royal Garden Ramniwas Bagh

This thing has happened, When Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II was ruling on Jaipur.  In December, 1942 Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II appointed Sir Mirza Ismail as a Minister(Diwan). Before this, Sir Mirza Ismaiol was working as a Administrator and Town Planner in Mysore.
That time, Ram Niwas Bagh surrounded by dense tall trees and waterfalls or cascades. When Sir Mirza Ismail came to Jaipur. He started to cut down tall trees through the plan of Town Building and other plans of Improvement. As a result of his plans, Roads were built on the place of trails. In The Process of Development works, dense tress became less. At that time, Hari Shastri was the popular poet in the Town. He disliked the decision of cutting down trees. Therefore, He read Stanza(Doha) in Poet Conference, Stanza(Doha) is like :-

He wants to say with his stanza is :-

It’s good Sawai Man Singh that you bring this Mysore Camel (1st stanza)
Who grazed all the four corners of Ram Niwas Bagh By using camel in stanza(doha) he is giving reference of Sir Mirza Ismail.
When Sir Mirza Ismail became aware of this, He got annoyed and Immediately, by telling the President of the College.(College, where Hari Shastri was working) He suspended Hari Shastri. But After 1945, Sir Mirza Ismail term was complete and At the time, He was going back to his place. Before going, by telling the president of that college; Hari Shastri joined the same post again.

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