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New gate jaipur itihaass



Everyone in Jaipur (All the Jaipurites ) knows about the Chaardiwari ( fourwalls ) of Chaura Rasta. But very few people in Jaipur knew about the fact that there were very huge wall standing at the same place.

New gate jaipur itihaass

However, It destroyed in 20th century at the time of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II because that huge wall was not good according to Vaastu or Archeology Science. At that time, the decision was taken in the favor of the people who were struggling for going Rambagh because there were no roads from Chaura Rasta to Rambagh. When the road construction completed, they considered the gate in the second part of the Jaipur City. Therefore, they decided to make a Gate.

In the ruling time of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II, The construction of the gate started. After, the construction of the gate was done. Everyone suggested that there should be a particular name of the gate. Then the gate name was decided by the name of Sawai Man Singh II, this gate is called by “Maanpol”. It results, All the pandits and advisors said we should not use the name of our King for calling gate or pole. As it was a british period, then everyone started to calling this gate in local language by “NEW GATE”. From that day, everyone knows the gate with the name of “NEW GATE”.

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