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Maharaja Sawai Pratap singh of Jaipur : devotee of krishna

Pratap singh: devotee of krishna

Maharaja of jaipur itihaass itihaas history heirtage
Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh of Jaipur

The founder of hawa mahal sawai pratap singh was a great devotee of lord krishna. Lord govind was his cherished deity. He surrendered his kingdom to lord krishna.

Govind Dev ji of jaipur itihaass itihaas heritage
Govind Dev Ji of Jaipur

He used to say, “Brijnidhi Brijras chakhayo jaane taasukh aagye raj kahari” which meant that for him nothing was before his lord govind, not even his kingdom. Pratap considered govind to be his ultimate saviour in all his difficult times and he believed, “jinke shree govind sahai, tih na ke chinta kre balai”. He used to workship govind dev ji on a daily basis and also used to offer him his words of devotion which were later complied in a book. Several such beautiful writings are safely preserved in City Palace of Jaipur.

Maharaja jaipur govind dev ji itihaass itihaas

Very famous texts namely ‘Pratap Prakash’ written on pratap singh by krishna datt a poet, also talks about his devotion towards lord Govind Dev JI .

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