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Statue circle is one of the most beautiful site or place in Jaipur. The Statue Circle in Jaipur city has been a central place through which almost half of the city’s population passes while navigating through this pink city. Statue Circle is a popular hang-out spot in Jaipur and the most famous circle known in the Pink City. Besides being a famous tourist and picnic spot, the Statue Circle also serves as a favorite place for evening walkers, morning joggers, etc.

But very few people knows that the responsibility of making this circle was given to Sir Mirza Ismail in December,1942 and It decided that the name of this place was taken from the name of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh. Therefore, The name of this place was “Maan Gumbaj”. On the other hand, All the Pandits and Knowledgeable Personalities of Jaipur opinion was different, They said It should not be done because our King is alive so it is not suitable to making Gumbaj on his name and creating his statue. So, Their conflictions were going on and It Results, Approximately twenty years the circle was without any Statue and even then all the Jaipur localites was calling it by the name of “Maan Gumbaj”.


After Sometimes, Government of Rajasthan took decision of creating the statue of Founder of the Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. This decision was based on the advises of Reputed and Knowledgeable people of Jaipur. In 1963, President Zakir Hussain inaugrated this circle. Eventually, This place popularize with the name of ” Sawai Jai Singh Statue Circle”. In Short Form, people used to call this place by “Statue Circle”. Now, Statue Circle is a perfect blend of Jaipur’s imperial past and its modern turn of events. So, Don’t forget to include Statue Circle in your Jaipur tour list.

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  • Well, its good to see about so many helpful facts about Maan Gumbaj on your page. This type of knowledge material is actually quite hard to watch on other websites. But your page has so realistic facts about Indian history and kingdoms of Rajasthan’s king.

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