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GULABI NAGRI – Nikharte Rang, Bikharta Itihaas

Our country, INDIA, homes the metro cities, shelters the earliest of civil evidences, and within it, breathes the capital city of Rajasthan- JAIPUR.

pinkcity jaipur

Jaipur, is a land of valour of royals, richness of heritage and an undisputed epitome of perfection for more than 250 years . It is a proud land where the  Aravali hills are witnessed.


1727, when architecture wasn’t computer aided, Jaipur was designed such that all its major roads intersect at “Chaupads”, which had water fountains at their core. The design involved commercial shops lined in perfection with residence and religious abodes at upper periphery. They are a scenic beauty at every sunrise and set.


In 1949 when Rajasthan unified, Jaipur became an administrative center. The Old Council and Bhagwandas Barracks are today’s Vidhan Sabha Bhawan and secretariat.

jaipur pink city itihaass

A French traveler in 1832 describes Jaipur a paradise for different arts which flourish on every road, courtyard and shop of Jaipur. He embraced the well managed and monitored sanitation system of the city which has no room for piles of litter and a concrete waste management strategy.


Yet another set of compliments was given by Bishop Hibar, who compared the walled city of Jaipur to the walls of Kremlin, Moscow.

maharaja jai singh of jaipur itihaass

When the foundation of Jaipur was being laid, it was the time when the Mughal empire was facing fragmentation. While the construction and development of the city was under process, Nadir Shah raided and looted Delhi and defamed Badshah Mohhamad Shah who was phrased as – Dillishwaro Wa Jagdishwaro Wa by the founder of Jaipur. It was 1743 when the Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh passed away, though it was a major blow, it didn’t halt the make and growth of construction of Jaipur and despite his absence, his loyal people kept the marvel of Jaipur, keep its pace. The significant sights constructed were the Isarlat, the various chambers of the Chandramahal, a series of step like gardens at Purana Ghat, and countless such masterpieces.

pinkcity map jaipur itihaass

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh kept every minute detail in his wide frame of mind. Form public parks to drinking water facility, everything was well chalked in his mind. Also he ensured proximity to the elements of daily requirements and gave room for expansion for the city. Under the skilled guidance of Vidyadhar Chakravarti, the blue print of dreamed precision came to reality.

What caught attention was that that the structure was planned to fit the general public expectations keeping in mind the royal ambitions. Seven of the nine  “Chawkdis”( symbolic to the nine NIDHIS of Kuber) were for laymen housing, shops, places of worship and market. This concept made Jaipur prosper as a city.

The construction work commenced on  18 November 1727 (Posh Krishna 1 sanwat 1784). Father Jose Tyfentheler complimented Jaipur as the most beautiful city of India. He was impressed by the fact that roads running from east to west were so wide that 6-7 cars can simultaneously travel with ease.


This was made possible by expertise of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in the fields of geography, astrology and related sciences. He had the best of books in his library and collection of legendary works. Sawai Pratap Singh too contributed to the works.


In 1818, Jaipur came into agreement with the East India Company and Maharaja Ram Singh II was given the charge for development of Jaipur. Maharaja Jai Singh and his successors painted Jaipur yellow and white, it was Ram Singh who made it pink. He also promoted and appreciated advancement which made Jaipur one of the finest places of its time. Ram Niwas Bagh, Albert Hall museum, Mayo hospital and many such signature initiatives were taken by him.

Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh of jaipur itihaass

Ram Niwas Bagh and Ram Bagh were first steps that went beyond the walled periphery. This paved way for MGD school, Maharaja College, SMS hospital and many more. In  1947, the population count of walled city was 2.5 lakhs, which has gone up by several folds since then.

Ram Bhag palace jaipur itihaass

It wasn’t long back when a British high ranked compared Jaipur to venice, but the walled city today is defaced. Improper administration and poor management has led demise of its initial reputation. It is the humble duty of residents to bring back the glory and make Jaipur feel proud to be the part of list in which Paris, Rome, New York and San Francisco share a global reputation.

By Reshu Sharma

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