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Fort of Shahabad

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Shahabad Fort

The Shahabad Fort is glamorous and invincible which is renowned for its chivalry and sacrifice. It is situated on a crest of a hill above 1800 feet from the sea level. The fort was built by the Chauhan Vanshi Dhandhel Rajput Mukutmani Dev in the mid-century 1521 (1577). This is located in the highly dense forest area on the high mountain ranges. The Mukundra hill is famous for its name called Bhamoti in which heavy dense forest has grown. The best advantage of the Shahabad fort was that it was strongly fortified by massive rampart walls, intricate two miles ascent surrounded by the dense forest on all the sides. It has the best defence as compared to the other forts.

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Jama Masijid At Shahabad

The Marvellous architecture of the Shahabad fort attracts many tourists as well as become a centre of attraction among all the monuments. The canopy like the roof of the main gate adds to the height of the gate the doors of which had sharp long iron spikes fixed in it. There were three gates, in all out of which one remains in a good state of preservation, the rest lies in a heap of ruin. Entering from the main gate, the inner part of the fort is reached. On one side the barracks stand in a row. The old palaces seem to have been built in the Hindu style while those built in the later period by Malwa rulers and the Mughals are specimens of the Muslim architecture and are simple and unassuming.

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Lord Shiva Temple at Shahabad Fort

In the fort there are many temples of Lord Shiva, in which the fragrance of incense stick spreads all over the fort gives a pleasant feeling. The fort of Shahabad had a special attraction for Aurangzeb who used it as a resting place on his way to the south. He erected a mosque at Shahabad which is a fine specimen of Muslim architecture of a declining period. Many fights had occurred for the conquering of the fort. At the reign of Maharana Kumbha’s(1433-1468 A.D), the adjoining area of Shahabad was under Malwa ruler. Mahmud of Malwa had subdued the adjoining parts of Harawati time and again.

aurangzeb itihaass
Mughal Emperor Alamgir Aurangzeb

In the ancient time, the Shahabad fort was captured by the Mughals and as stated above Aurangzeb use this fort as a sheltering place. When Kota became independent, Shahabad received greater attention, Dalelkhan Pathan, the Commander of Kota army refortified and renovate Shahabad. Jalamsingh Jhala had occupied Shahabad fort without the permission of the Sindia under whose protection the without the permission of the Sindia under whose protection the fort remained for a long time. Thereupon Sindia had to be paid Rs. thirty thousand for ceding his right over the fort. Since this time Shahabad has always remained under the Kota rulers.

By Shubham Khandelwal


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