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Fort Of Mandalgarh

Mandalgarh Fort mewar itihaass itihaas
Full View of Mandalgarh Fort

Mandalgarh fort is situated six miles north of Bhilwara and crowns a rocky hill which raises 1850
feet above the surrounding land. The neighborhood of this fort is full of disordered heaps of gigantic rocks. The density of the forest mingled with the intricacy of approach is remarkable. The circumference of the massive wall which encircles the crest of the mountain is nearly half a mile. The usual patterns of construction of forts in medieval times in semicircle leaving an opening at intervals for cannot shots are built at various angles of its fortification.
mandalgarh fort mewar itihaass itihaas
The architecture of the Mandalgarh fort is magnificent and mind-blowing. Its main strength lies in the barren rocky terrain all around. The small hill of ‘bijasana’ in the north of the fort in close vicinity detracts from its solidity. It has provided ample opportunity to the invader to shell the fort by mounting cannons on this hill of moderate eminence. Despite its fortification, the hill could no longer hold even a casual attack and passed as a precious clue into the hands of enemies to reduce the fort.

Mandalgarh Fort mewar itihaass itihaas
Sagar Lake at Mandalgarh Fort

There are many ruthless attacks which were often repulsed even with a small number of the garrison. The credit of safeguarding this fort goes to the Bhomias of the adjoining track, who defended it against the invader at times even single-handed. From the history, we can conclude that the fort was built by the Chohan kings of Ajmer perhaps in the 13th century, but the exact date could not be ascertained. After that, it was rebuilt by the chief of the Balnote tribe, one of the ramifications of the Solanki race. There is a record of numerous invasions and heroic resistance. No fort can lay claim eternal invincibility and Mandalgarh is no exception to this rule. Kutubuddin attacked and took possession of it. In 1446. A.D., Mahmud of Mlawa laid unsuccessful siege to the fort, but the garrison repulsed the attack. During the reign of Rana Raimal, Giyasuddin invaded the fort. Rana inflicted a crushing defeat on the invader and defended the fort successfully. Akbar gained possession of this fort and made it a headquarters to direct his operations against Rana Pratap. The fort had also been in the hands of Muzaffar Shah of Gujarat, Mahmud Khilzi of Malwa in 1567A.D. Mansingh, the Mughal General, proceeded against Rana from Mandalgarh. In 1699 A.D. Aurangzeb granted Mandalgarh to Ghughar Singh the Rathore chief of Pisangan. Rana Raj Singh of Mewar expelled the Mughal garrison and took possession of the fort. Roop Singh of Kishangarh had also been a Mughal Governor of the fort for some time. Jagat SinghII ruler of Mewar granted the fort to Ummed Singh of Shahpura whose family retained it up to Sambat 1893.

Mandalgarh Fort udaipur itiohaass itihaas
Part of Mandalgarh Fort

There are some interesting details of the fort of the Bhomias, petty chiefs on whose shoulders mainly lay the weight of defending this fort. During the turbulent times of medieval period, Ranawats, Karnawats etc. established their rights on the land adjoining Mandalgarh. There is a cenotaph of Jagannath Kachhawaha of the ruling house of Jaipur in the vicinity of Mandal fort. The Kachhawaha chief was one of the famous Mughal Generals who fought mostly in Mewar. He died here while returning from Mewar. This is a grand cenotaph the solid roof of which rests on the 32 big pillars. The fort of Mandalgarh is one of the best forts in India to visit and explore the beauties and etiquettes of the tremendous fort.


  • There are very interesting facts about this fort. Mandalgarh fort is Graceful architecture of our history. and your research about this fort and its fact are so very realistic and trustworthy.

  • its attractive citadel of Jodhpur and your comprehensive knowledge about this beautiful palace is so helpful to know about the actuality. it was very beneficial for tourism friendly people.

  • Mandalgarh is 55 Km east of Bhilwara city.
    The memorial cenotaph of Jagannath Kacchawah is at Mandal not at Mandalgarh. These are two diffrent cities and distance between cities is 65 Km

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