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The fort of Bhansrodgarh

Bhansrodgarh Fort  itihaass itihaas history udaipur
Bhansrodgarh Fort View From River Side

The fort of Bhansrodgarh situated at Udaipur district of Rajasthan, 120 miles from Udaipur on the banks of the Chambal.  It is surrounded by deep forests and the mountainous terrain. The fort, romantically situated upon the extreme point of the ridge, is said to have been erected by Bhainsa and Roda. Tradition ascribes its construction in the 2nd century of the Vikram era. According to Tod, Bhansrodgarh is the outcome of joint efforts of Bhansa Sah, a merchant and Rora, a Charan. It was erected to provide a safeguard to their caravan from the lawless mountaineers.

Bhansrodgarh Fort  itihaass itihaas history heritage udaipur
Bhansrodgarh Fort

Around the Bhansrodgarh fort, it is full of the rocky cliffs and turbulent rivers with deep forest tract on the both sides. To the east the abrupt cliff of the hill upon which Bhansrodgarh is crowned, over-hangs the placid expanse of the chamber, its height above which is two hundred feet. The Bamani river bounds Bhansrodgarh on the west and by the rapidity of its fall has completely scarped the rock even to the angle of confluence within which is placed the castle. A smaller rivulet also encircles the fort. Thus the fort stands surrounded on three sides by water. It is the single fort which was made by a merchant.

Bhansrodgarh Fort itihaass itihaas history heritage rajasthan
Bhansrodgarh Fort

The Bhansrodgarh fort is accessible only from the north side and here the hill is scarped which is three hundred yards distant, forms a good cover and provides good opportunity to the invader to shell the fort. The rock is soft and can be easily mined to blow it off. The river, five hundred yards wide, never fordable remains nearly 40 feet in depth and in rainy season it accumulates water addicting to the height of the usual level.

Bhansrodgarh Fort , itihaass , itihaas  ,rajasthan , history , heritage
Bhansrodgarh Fort

Hence any attempt from this side would prove suicidal. Passing through the hands of many Rajpoot clans finally it came to the Hadas. The cellars of Dodias, the Parmars, the Saktawats and the choondawats, are still visible in the fort. The Rathore Sardar of this had gained favours of the of the Rana of Mewar by humbling his enemy the Bhatti Sardar of Jaisalmer. The Rana of Mewar bestowed upon him a young princess of royal blood. Soon after an unhappy incident led him to be thrown out of his possession.

Bhansrodgarh Fort , rajasthan , itihaass , itihaas , heritage ,
Bhansrodgarh Fort

The Parmars followed the Rathors in Bhansrodgarh. The Parmar chief, Tod tells us, had married the daughter of the chieftain of Begot. During a game of chess, the Parmar spoke slightingly of her ancestral family. The news being conveyed to the Sardar of Begot. It was done to gain the favour of the Rana of Mewar. The qualms of conscience seemed not to have disisted him from his nefarious activities. Bhansrodgarh has always been a fief of Mewar. Maharana Raimal conferred the fort of Bhansrodgarh upon Surajmal and Sarangdeo with the yearly income of one lakh. Prithvi Raj, his eldest brave son resented it and obtained implied permission of the Rana attacked this fort with one thousand braves and selected Rajpoots and stormed it successfully, driving out Surajmal.

Bhansrodgarh Fort , itihaass , itihaas , history , heritage , rajasthan ,udaipur
Bhansrodgarh Fort

The famous temples of Badoli noted for their exquisite sculpture and elegance of construction lie three miles in the north-east side across the Chambal. The main strength lies in its natural defense, being surrounded on three sides by unfathomable streams and existing on a sheep inaccessible hill top. The fort is now in almost ruins and damaged.


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