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About Us

About Us

We at “ITIHAASS” believe that we all must reach the heights but with the pride that makes us feel connected to the roots.

Today we realise the importance of the glory that has been bought and won by our ancestors, but the people today are getting so unfamiliar with the glorious past that all the marks of pride are being FADED.

Realising the curse, we do not want the world to forget the sacrifices of all the legends who have lived and died in the name of nation and its progress.

We are here with all the “hidden facts of all the unhidden stories” to let your eyes open up wide and your hearts be heavy with pride.

We discussed about Rajput Kings, Mughal Emperors and the British Rulers. We have shown certain amazing and hidden facts about Indian History.

We discuss the battles that were fought in Indian history, who win those battles and why those battles were fought.

The Rajput Kings ruled in India for a very long time. They were known for their bravery. Rajputs were great fighters and they consider fighting as their “Dharma”. Rajput Kings were very loyal and large-hearted. Rajput kings were generous and somewhat emotional. They had their own values and qualities. They never break their promises.

The Mughal Empire was founded by Babur in 1526 after defeating the last Afghan Lodi Sultans, Ibrahim Lodi in the battle of Panipat. Gun poiwder was first used in India in this war by Babur that’s why the Mughal Empire is also known as “Gunpowder Empire”.

The Mughal Empire grew under the rule of Akbar the great and it continued expanding until rule of Aurangzeb. Akbar’s son Jahangir ruled between 1605 and 1627. Mughal Empire was considered to be the greatest Empirein the world in October 1627 when Jahangir’s son Shah Jahan became the Emperor.

British Raj is the term used for rule, region and the period from 1858 to 1947 of the British Empire on Indian subcontinent. Railway, transport and communication systems were built under the British Emperor.

We tell you the importance of forts and history behind forts like Ranthambhore fort, Fort of Kota, Fort of Bhansarodgarh, Agra Fort, Gwalior Fort etc. The six forts of Rajasthan namely Chittorgarh Fort at Chittorgarh, Gagron Fort at Jhalawar, Jaisalmer Fort at Jaisalmer, Amer Fort at Jaipur, Ranthambhore Fort at Sawai Madhopur and Kumbalgarh Fort at Kumbalgarh together are designated UNESCO world heritage site.

We described the history of several cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur etc. In 1832 a French traveler describes Jaipur as a paradise for different arts which flourish which flourish on every road, courtyard and shop.

Our mission is to aware people about the Indian history and Indian culture. We want people to know how was India in past, how the kings ruled, the strategies used in the wars fought and how the kings won those wars. We want to aware people about how the forts and palaces were built.

Our vision is that people should know about the History of India and should not forget about the great rulers of India. They should know the early life of the Kings, history of the forts and palaces of India.

So with ITIHAASS you know various ‘Riyaasate (Places)’, ‘Dastan (stories)’, ‘Haqiqat(facts)’, ‘Tasveerkhana (gallery)’ .

Know our research and widen your views,

Be aware of the past,

And be a part of the future FEWS,

Let the glory be loved,

Let the tears pass,

Love your nation,

Love the history,

Be the one,

Know the ITIHAASS.

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