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About Us

About Us

We at “ITIHAASS” believe that we all must reach the heights but with the pride that makes us feel connected to the roots.

Today we realise the importance of the glory that has been bought and won by our ancestors, but the people today are getting so unfamiliar with the glorious past that all the marks of pride are being FADED.

Realising the curse, we do not want the world to forget the sacrifices of all the legends who have lived and died in the name of nation and its progress.

We are here with all the “hidden facts of all the unhidden stories” to let your eyes open up wide and your hearts be heavy with pride.

So with ITIHAASS you know various ‘Riyaasate (Places)’, ‘Dastan (stories)’, ‘Haqiqat(facts)’, ‘Tasveerkhana (gallery)’ .

Know our research and widen your views,

Be aware of the past,

And be a part of the future FEWS,

Let the glory be loved,

Let the tears pass,

Love your nation,

Love the history,

Be the one,

Know the ITIHAASS.

Our Writters

Shubham Khandelwal 

Reshu Sharma 

Nitin Bharti

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